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About Us

Heavily Equipped started in 2013 when I made myself and fellow coworkers some inappropriate and fun as hell shirts that told it like it was, from an operator's view.  "Your Hole Is My Goal" was the first, and it went viral on social media (one even ended up in the local paper rocking a safety orange one).  I started a small store to handle the orders and shipping.  That simple idea has transformed into a full scale shop offering not only shirts, but also operator-appropriate gear like hats and beanies, vacuum sealed tumblers, coffee mugs, all-weather vinyl stickers (coming back soon!), and more.  We have shipped over 12,000 orders to over 9 different countries worldwide.

All of our design, printing, and fulfillment is done in the United States.  We have excellent shipping rates and service both domestic and International.  Shipped worldwide with tracking.

Requests / Ideas
Have an idea for a shirt or a product?  Email or message us, and we'll send you the first off the line if we get it printed!


Thank you for your support.  

Aaron - Founder of HeavilyEquipped.com